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Our Services

Recruitment & Placement
Client or Owner Vessel will APPOINT PT Hamburindo Bahari Utama as their Recruiting Agent for Indonesian seaman.

  • PT Hamburindo Bahari Utama Will do the sourching by placing advertisement (when necessary) or by other methods to invite applicants for the opening positions available in the company
  • PT Hamburindo Bahari Utama will verify new aplicants data to include Personal, Educational Training, Licenses Certificates, Travel Seamen books, Practical Seagoing experiences
  • PT Hamburindo Bahari Utama will coordinate any MANDATORY training "lb program with the authorized training provider as ruled by the international regulations and national statutory/ regulations
  • PT Hamburindo Bahari Utama is carrying out a standardization MARLINS test. It is sort of Maritime English test authorized by IMO under license of United Kingdom MARLINS' center

All seafarers who passed the above screening and verification and meet all the selection criteria are registered and updated in database.
The selection is made based on the determined selection criteria and
According Principal’s criteria and requirements.
After the complete selection and engagement process approved by Principal, we shall continue to arrange:

Pre-employment Process
  • Crew Employment Arrangement (CEA)
  • Medical examination
  • Pre-departure Process
  • Documentation

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